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Popular Guyanese DJ Claims Demonic Attack

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24th of August, 2020. Georgetown, Guyana, South America

Last updated: August 24, 2020 at 12:03 pm

A popular Guyanese Disk Jockey, who goes by the name “DJ Magnum,” from Georgetown, Guyana, South America, has taken to Social Media to tell his story and cry out for help.

About a week ago, the young man posted that he has been unable to sleep and having strange feelings about his body. He claims that he was being tormented, acting weird and unable to keep friendly relations. Pushed to the brink, the DJ took to Social Media to appeal for help and let the world know what is going on his life.

DJ Magnum, in a Facebook video a few days ago, claimed that a “voice” told him that one of his ex-girlfriends buried a spell cast against him in a grave that was supposed to be for a child who suffered a miscarriage. The DJ then said he got the directions, after much hurdles, and took a “tomb raider” to dig up the grave of the child in order to destroy the spell. The DJ said that there was no child buried there, but it was a pretext for burying a spell instead.

However, when digging up the grave, the DJ said he experienced severe pains about the neck as though something was trying to break his neck. The DJ subsequently rushed off and the mission to dig up the grave was aborted. However, in a subsequent video posted by the DJ Magnum, a man was seen near to the completely dug up grave lighting a fire. The man proclaimed that he had dug up the grave and burnt the spell “in Jesus’ name.”

But the Disk Jockey still wasn’t well after that, and reached out to help from any spiritual leader whom he could find. In a subsequent Facebook Video posted around the 21st of August, the DJ said that he knew his ex girlfriend (name given) was doing evil works against him and that a snake was inside him. During the video, the DJ appeared to have talked in the voice of the demonic snake.

On the 23rd of August, 2020, the DJ posted another video showing an African spiritual worker performing a ritual over him. There was candlelight and other amenities and a picture of a Hindu Deity. Subsequently, the spiritual worker burst an egg into a glass and a snake was supposedly seen in the glass. The spiritual worker claimed to have removed a snake from inside the body of DJ Magnum.

However, many people are of the opinion that that ritual was nothing more than a charade, and that the snake could have been concealed in the egg before the start of the ritual.

Around midnight of August 23rd, the DJ made a Facebook Post telling those who are doing evil works against him to give it up because it won’t bring him down.

Team Guyana, South America asks the general Guyanese public to give DJ Magnum whatever help and support you can at this time and wishes him a speedy recovery.

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