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Police Rebut Stabroek News Article

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13th of January, 2020. Georgetown, Guyana, South America

Last updated: January 13, 2021 at 13:45 pm

In this article, the Guyana Police Force is responding to the following article:

I Never Received an Offer to View Videos of Autopsies on Murdered West Berbice Boys

Statement by the Guyana, Police Force

The Guyana Police Force notes with concern the letter published in the Stabroek News on the 12th day of January, 2021 titled “I never received an offer to view videos of autopsies on murdered West Berbice boys” that appears to be authored by Dr. Luis Fondebrider.

This letter contains glaring inaccuracies which can be rebutted and debunked evidentially. The author claims that “…at no time did I receive such an offer…” and goes on to state that “During my visit to Guyana a formal meeting with the Minister constituted my only contact with officials since my efforts to meet the pathologist who performed the autopsy and the Crime Chief were not successful.”

These utterances are alarming since they are simply not true. It is a fact that when Dr. Luis Fondebrider arrived in Guyana he was invited to a meeting at the Ministry of Home Affairs. The persons attending this meeting were the Honorable Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Benn, the Commissioner of Police (ag) Mr. Hoppie, the Crime Chief Mr. Blanhum, the Treaty Officer, the Ambassador of Argentina and Mr. Mike McCormack along with Dr. Luis Fondebrider.

There is photographic evidence to contradict the claim that Dr. Luis Fondebrider did not meet with the Crime Chief. And what is more bizarre about this false claim, is the fact that the Crime Chief himself presented a brief to Dr. Luis Fondebrider in the presence of all attendees at this meeting on the status of the investigation and the work that the Guyana Police Force had conducted so far in the matter.

It was in this meeting in the presence of all attendees that the offer was made for the Guyana Police Force to share with him a copy of the video of the post mortem examinations conducted on the Henry boys and to date the Administration of the Guyana Police Force is not in receipt of a formal response from Dr. Luis Fondebrider as it relates to that offer.

In a matter of this nature that has national importance, it is irresponsible to make such public claims that are contrary to the facts of the reality of what transpired. This is unfortunate and the intention behind same can easily be inferred. Rest assured that the Guyana Police Force remains committed to ensuring that justice is served in this matter

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