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Guyanese Appeal to Queen of England for Help – LOL

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In funny news…

I had made a few jokes on the internet about Guyanese beseeching for the Queen of England to take back her former colony. And I’d made a few memes about it. But I never expected it to get this real!

Anyone ever told you “I told you so….” or anyone ever said to you, “you’ll live to regret it,” and it came to pass? Well this is exactly the case with Guyana right now.

Guyana is painting the picture of a rebellious child who runs back to his or her parents for help. The prodigal son maybe? Sort of. Except it’s a little worse in this case.

I was a bit amused to see a Facebook Post, and a very serious one too,” which was going viral on Facebook, in which Guyanese are trying to get the Queen’s attention to help her former colony. And I’m pasting the link for you to see below.

The Facebook Post, which was published around 2AM on Saturday, March 14, reads:

Please Share this letter so it can be seen

To Her Majesty the Queen, Buckingham Palace, London, SW1A 1AA

Dear Madam, Your Majesty’s Queen Elizabeth ii
We the people of Guyana which was once beautifully ruled under your supervision are now Beseeching your help in letting our voices to be herd as Guyana is being abused and rape of Her Democracy by an illegal APNU+AFC Coalition Government and Gecom Guyana Election Commission who have rig the March 02, 2020 General and Regional Election on the matter of depriving us of our democratic rights for our Vote to be counted properly according to laws and Constitutional rights .
we are beseeching that you please stop this from happening we believe and have great faith in you that this can be possible under your commands.
We the Guyanese Peoples who are standing for the democracy in Guyana who would not or accept a Dictator Government in this beautiful land, we are desperately calling on Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ii to voice your comments towards the Government and people of Guyana to act in favor of the Laws and Constitutional Rights of Guyana to be followed.

‘I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty’s humble and obedient servant’.

Within 12 hours, the post had already gone viral with over 2000 shares, had nearly 1000 likes and 200 heart reactions. Just about 17 people laughed at the idea.

But will the Queen of England help? First of all, Britain has a general policy of non-interference unless absolutely necessary. Second of all, the Queen of England has to be an extremely forgiving person, and perhaps a bit imprudent, to heed the cry of her “children” in this scenario.

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Let’s talk a little bit about what happened. The fight for independence in Guyana was a dirty one which, in my humble opinion, was done for the sake of greed – perpetrated by a few power hungry politicians who subsequently plunged the country into an economic nosedive. During the “fight for independence,” an abundance of racial slurs were hurled against the Europeans, cane fields were burnt down and much more.

I’ve heard stories from the older folks who had lived under the Queen, and although there were isolated stories of atrocities, the general understanding was that the British were good rulers. And they still are, and you can obviously see that Canada, which is still ruled by the Monarchy, is rated as the best country in the world for quality of life.

Not too long after independence, Guyanese were lining up at every embassy hoping to get a ticket out of the country – to the United States, Canada and England. So if you are so desperate for independence, why are you running back to the colonial masters?

If Guyana had stayed under the monarchy, aside from a cornucopia of other benefits, Guyanese would have had visa-free entry to England and Canada as well as the protection of the Royal Forces.

Will the Queen of England heed the pleas of Guyanese now? Good luck with that?

As the saying goes, “it’s really bad when donkey wants to blow mouth organ.”

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