Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022
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    25th of February, 2022. International News. Russia/Ukraine

    Last updated: February 25, 2022 at 17:15 pm

    The Taliban of Afghanistan in a public statement today, 25th of February, 2022, called on both Russia and Ukraine to show restraint and love, and let peace prevail.

    The Taliban, which was once labeled as a terrorist organization by the United States, is the de facto ruler of Afghanistan, and has renamed the country, “the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.”

    Below is the full statement issued today by the Taliban.

    Statement Concerning Crisis in Ukraine

    The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine and expresses concern about real possibility of civilian casualties.

    The Islamic Emirate calls for restraint by both parties. All sides need to desist from taking positions that could intensify violence.

    The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, in line with its foreign policy of neutrality, calls on both sides of the conflict to resolve the crisis through dialogue and peaceful means.

    The Islamic Emirate also calls on parties to the conflict to pay attention to safeguarding the lives of Afghan students and migrants in Ukraine.

    Click here for Live Updates of the Ukraine/Russia conflict.

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