Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022
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    Russian Fighter Jets today bombed various Ukrainian cities, sparking another cold war, and possibly the third World War.

    24th of February, 2022. International News, Russia/Ukraine. GSA News

    Last updated: March 27, 2022 at 14:55 pm


    As Russian fighter jets shelled Ukrainian cities early On the morning of Thursday, 24th of February, 2022, the Ukrainian Defense Forces sprang into action, blocking several attempts to infiltrate Ukraine’s borders. The Ukrainian President said he is ready to arm every citizen. Ukrainian Military Reservists said they are ready to die for their country.

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday, 24th of February, 2022, imposed Martial law and made weapons available to all citizens who are willing to fight for Ukraine after a Russian “military operation.”

    Russia’s President Putin said that an occupation of Ukraine is not part of his agenda but that the objective of the operation is the “demilitarization and denazification” of Ukraine. At the same time, the Ukrainian president has questioned the sanity of the the Russian president for making these statements since he (the Ukrainian President) is Jewish, and had lost family members during the holocaust. Further, Ukraine had aggressively fought against Nazi Germany during World War 11.

    At around 5 A.M Kyiv time on Thursday, February, 24th, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he would conduct a “special military operation” in Ukraine. At the same time, Russia began shelling Ukrainian cities.

    As of 11:00 A.M on Thursday, 24th of February, the Ukrainian government announced that Russian missiles hit 17 Regions in Ukraine and Ukrainian troops are conducting the most defensive battles in the border regions and the environmental protection zone. The Ministry of International Affairs of Ukraine announced that at least 40 Ukrainian servicemen were killed in the fighting on Thursday morning, 24th of February, 2022.

    The European Union and the United States have vowed to impose crushing sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine while the Ukrainian President said that an “anti-Putin coalition” is being formed. Meanwhile, Israel has condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


    Guyana Government Condemns Russian Invasion of Ukraine. – 24th of February, 2022

    About one hour after this publication called on President Ali to condemn Russian aggression against Ukraine, the Guyana Government, through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, has issued a statement condemning Russia’s violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Read Story…

    Taliban Calls on Russia and Ukraine to Show Restraint and Love – 25th of February, 2022

    The Taliban of Afghanistan in a public statement today, 25th of February, 2022, called on both Russia and Ukraine to show restraint and love, and let peace prevail. The Taliban, which was once labeled as a terrorist organization by the United States, is the de facto ruler of Afghanistan, and has renamed the country, “the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.” Read Story…

    Either Sanctions or World War III – Joe Biden -26th of February, 2022

    President Joe Biden, in a recent interview with CNN, expressed exactly why the United States is afraid of launching a counterattack on Russia in response to the Ukraine invasion: because such an action can easily trigger a nuclear chain reaction. Instead, the Democrat leader said that the better option is to punish Vladimir Putin with sanctions. Meanwhile, the United States, Canada, and a plethora of other nations have sent financial aid and military equipment to Ukraine. Read Story…

    Tensions Mount Between France and Russia After France Detains Russian Cargo Ship – 26th of February, 2022

    France made a bold move earlier today, 26th of February, 2022, in seizing a Russian cargo ship headed to St. Petersburg, Russia – thus provoking direct conflict with what is disputably the world’s most feared military power. Read Story…

    Will the Kremlin Buckle Under the Pressure of International Sanctions? – 1st of March, 2022

    As Putin sends his military to humble the Ukrainians into the dust, World Powers are inflicting crippling sanctions on Russia aimed at breaking the Russian war machine and bringing the Russian economy to its knees. But the Russian president says he is confident he can circumvent these sanctions. Read Story…

    Czech Republic Soldiers Join War Against Russia – 1st of March, 2022

    Today, 1st of March, 2022, an unverified number of Czech soldiers arrived in Ukraine to join the war against Russia. According to sources inside Ukraine, a large number of Czech soldiers arrived in Ukraine over the last few days. They were not sent by the Czech government. They are volunteers who chose to go on their own to fight alongside the Ukrainian people. Nevertheless the Czech government had to approve their going there. Read Story…

    Thousands of Volunteer Soldiers Arrive in Ukraine to Fight Against Russia – 5th of March, 2022

    Believe or not, these valiant men and women fighting in Ukraine are protecting the peace of the entire world – even as far as Guyana, South America, because if Putin wins this war, the world will never be the same again. Many experts have speculated that Russia will not stop at Ukraine if it wins the war against Ukraine, and that a third World War will be brewing if the Russian aggression is not nipped in the bud. Some world leaders have called for the assassination of Putin as he is a menace to world peace. Read Story…

    Hollywood Actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, Donates US$10,000,000 to Ukraine – 5th of March, 2022

    Sources inside Ukraine today, 5th of May, 2022, disclosed that Hollywood superstar, famed for his role in the hit movie “Titanic,” Leonardo DiCaprio, has transferred ten million US dollars to the Ukrainian government as the war rages on between Russia and Ukraine. Presumably, the huge donation is meant to support the war efforts as well as humanitarian efforts within the country. Read Story…

    Russia Buries KIA Soldiers in Mass Graves – 6th of March, 2022

     A recent decree by the Russian government orders that, in order to save time and money, Russian soldiers killed in combat will have their identities stripped and buried in mass graves – containing an average of 300 soldiers each. Read Story…

    Russia Appears to Have Run Out of Armored Vehicles – 6th of March, 2022

    Several recent videos showed Russian soldiers arriving in Ukraine in civilian vehicles such as buses, trucks, and cars. However, a more recent video, posted below, shows a convoy of civilian vehicles being transported to the frontlines – suggesting that Russia might have run out of armored vehicles in the war against Ukraine. Read Story…

    A Nation Divided: Russian Police Beat and Arrest Anti-War Protestors – 6th of March, 2022

    Since the war began on February, 24th, 2022, there have been protests across Russia even in big cities such as St. Petersburg. But for the first time, the protests have reached Moscow – the capital of Russia. Read Story…

    Biden Administration Tries to Break Up Maduro and Putin – 7th of March, 2022

    Desperate times call for desperate measures, and in this context, reports coming out of Washington are that the Biden Administration has sent diplomats to Caracas to try to woo former enemy Nicolas Maduro back into its bed. Although the Whitehouse and State Department of the United States declined to comment on the matter, multiple US officials confirmed that the trip took place on Saturday, 5th of March, 2022. Read Story…

    Heartbreaking Family Shows Ukrainian Family Dead While Trying to Flee Ukraine – 7th of March, 2022

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sent millions of civilians fleeing for their lives. Seeking refuge in foreign lands, these displaced citizens will be tasked with building their lives back from the ground up in a new country. Doubtless, some will have money. Some will be better off than others, but it doesn’t make Putin’s war any less atrocious. Read Story…

    Elon Musk Challenges Putin to One-On-One Combat – 15t of March, 2022

    While most of the world watch on in anger and outrage at Putin’s horrific destruction of Ukraine, the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, has proven himself to be a real hero once again. Elon Musk, in a Tweet, challenged Vladimir Putin to one-on-one combat, saying that whoever wins the fight should take the prize – Ukraine. Read Story…

    International Court of Justice Orders Russia to Halt Invasion – 16th of March, 2022

    Setting the stage to sink Putin for war crimes, the International Court of Justice, also known as the “World Court” has today, 16th of March, 2022, ordered Russia to halt its invasion of Ukraine. This will also set the stage for ordering Russia to pay reparations to Ukraine after the war is over. Read Story…

    Hollywood Superstar, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sends Chilling Message to Putin and Russian Soldiers – 17th of March, 2022

    Hollywood superstar and former US politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has sent a chilling yet heartwarming message to the Russian President and Russian soldiers that is sure to raise a few hairs on the skin of the listener. Read Story…

    End of Russia/Ukraine War is Nowhere in Sight – 20th of March, 2022

    Despite worldwide outcry and condemnation of Russia’s offensive, and despite attempts by various world leaders to broker a ceasefire, the end of the Russia/Ukraine war might drag on for a very long time. Exactly how long is not clear at this moment, but what is clear is that it will take a miracle or very drastic action from world powers to put a stop to Russian hostilities. Read story…

    Russia Threatens to Use Nuclear Weapons in War Against Ukraine – 26th of March, 2022

    NATO, the European Union, and their allies are on their toes as Russia threatens to use its nukes in the war against Ukraine. Russian nuclear policy states that Moscow has the right to utilize its nuclear arsenal if its existence is being threatened – even if the enemy country has not used nuclear weapons. Read Story…

    Ukraine Attack Helicopter Shoots Down Russian Fighter Jet

    Ukraine Military Helicopter shoots down Russian Fighter Jet. The pilot of the Russian craft was taken captive by Ukraine forces. Intense fighting continues throughout Ukraine as Russia seeks to strip Ukraine of its military capabilities.

    Ukraine Destroys 15 Russian Tanks

    The Ukrainian Military has reported that its ground forces have destroyed a column of Russian equipment in the Gluckhov area. 15 tanks were reportedly destroyed.

    Ukraine Forces Capture Russian Soldiers

    The Ukrainian Military has reported that its forces have captured a growing number of Russian soldiers. The exact number is not clear at this time, but some reports suggest that over a dozen Russian fighters were already taken captive in Ukraine. Here are the faces of two of them.

    Civilian Casualties in Ukraine

    The Ukrainian government has reported that 57 Ukrainians (including 2 children) were killed so far and 177 more were injured since Russia attacked Ukraine early yesterday morning.

    Russian Losses (According to Ukraine)

    The Ukrainian government has reported the following Russian losses in the Russian/Ukrainian war which started less than 48 hours ago.

    6 fighter jets destroyed

    6 helicopters downed

    More than 30 tanks destroyed

    An estimated 800 military personnel killed

    Ukrainian Military Losses (According to the Ukrainian Government)

    137 servicemen killed and 317 wounded.

    Video: Ukrainian Fighter Jet Shoots Down Russian Warplane

    Residents of Ukraine captured a video of a Ukrainian Fighter Jet shooting down a Russian warplane.

    Video Shows Russian Plane Bombing Civilian Area

    The following video surfaced yesterday showing a Russian plane bombing a civilian area.

    Putin’s Objective is to Kill Me – Ukrainian President

    The Ukrainian President in a televised address said that Putin is sending his forces to kill him. Zelenskyy also said that, despite rumors that he had fled the country, he remains resolutely in the President’s office in Kyiv.

    Tough Talks but No Action

    While NATO, the European Union, and the United States have all condemned the Russian attack of Ukraine, and several world powers have sent reinforcements to border countries, no decisive action has been taken to enter the war on the side of Ukraine. Talks of sanctions resounded amongst world leaders, but sanctions have never hurt a leader – only the civilians of a country.

    Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that the world is afraid of going to war with Russia, but, speculatively, what they are really afraid is triggering a nuclear chain reaction.

    This is a developing story. We will update this page as more details become available.

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